Pacers fans chant “he’s a flopper” as Wade shoots free throws

Much like every other fanbase outside of South Beach, Indiana is fed up with Dwyane Wade’s incessant flopping and general cunty behaviour.


One thought on “Pacers fans chant “he’s a flopper” as Wade shoots free throws

  1. NBA Brass: Take note… Those are your fucking “BLUE COLLAR” fans that you SHOULD desperately want to keep interested in buying your “processed basketball product”. The Pacer fans had been conned from 94-01 as a team that had a chance in hell of actually winning a championship. I’d hate to see a new era of Pacer basketball where the same thing happens because they get dicked in playoff road games at Miami.

    Fans of franchises like OKC, Indiana, and Memphis should expect more by this point than cute little T-shirts that stroke their COMMUNITY, BLUE COLLAR mythology (as if those things aren’t to be found in larger cities). These front office assholes know the small market FANBASES are important, but the TEAMS themselves get a bum rap with superstar calls towards the face of the league; the guy that is called “The King” by the media. To make matters worse, his protection by the refs extends to Wade and Bosh, too. Left alone on their own mediocre teams, the refs wouldn’t bite on half of their flops. At the end of the day, you’re going to see those blue collar community fans watching the Spurs and Heat in the Finals.

    The NBA cannot do anything real to promote NFL style parity into the playoff format. They just have to keep stroking the egos of their small market fanbases. Stern liked to point to the Spurs as the example of a small market team with prolonged success, but he also didn’t mention that the Spurs’ FO, scouting, and coaching, is singularly excellent — it’s even more competent than the Knicks’ and Lakers’ front offices. They would’ve stacked up to the Dr. Buss, West, Riley Lakers. That’s not what the Okies or Grizz are with coaches like Hollins and Brooks and decisions like giving up Harden.

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