Birdman impersonates Nazr Mohammed, somehow avoids ejection


Tempers finally flared in Game 5 of a physical Eastern Conference Finals as Chris Andersen and Tyler Hansbrough faced off early in the 2nd quarter. The incident was initiated entirely by Andersen, who was somehow not ejected.

Let us review the play (as the officials did during the game):

1. Birdman shoulder-tackles Hansbrough to the ground.

2. Birdman gets into Hansbrough’s face as he regains his feet.

3. Birdman shoves Hansbrough with both hands and full force.

The chest push was a carbon copy of Nazr Mohammed’s on LeBron James three weeks ago.

While Nazr Mohammed was ejected for the shove alone, Birdman got away with a category-one flagrant foul and remained in the game. It is unclear whether the flagrant was assessed for the shoulder tackle or the shove—arguably, BOTH plays were flagrant-two worthy. Once again, NBA playoff officiating comes off looking inconsistent at best—and shady at worst.

Andersen will likely be suspended for Game 6, which will only confirm the officials’ ham-handed handling of the play.

Though it is an inexact science determining how the flow of the game might have differed had Andersen been ejected, it should be noted that his help defense and venomous block of a Hansbrough jumphook on the very next play not only prevented an easy Indiana basket, but also woke up the passive home crowd and injected some life into the Heat. Later, his 14-foot jumper would give Miami a 13-point 4th quarter lead. Alas, by this time the Pacers had already been hurt by another crucial blown call on an out-of-bounds play.

lebronflopMeanwhile, one has to wonder what would have happened if Hansbrough had taken the LeBron approach, stumbling backwards, collapsing to the ground like he’d been shot and sliding ten feet across the floor. Perhaps the refs would have reacted differently. Perhaps this only confirms the sad reality of the way the game is officiated today: flopping is rewarded, and failing to flop can cost your team.


5 thoughts on “Birdman impersonates Nazr Mohammed, somehow avoids ejection

  1. Hold on a sec, what happened to:
    -1 Birdman gets pushed from behind from Paul George
    0 Birdman turns around after the shove and sees Hansborough

    And if you decide to enter this world of speculation you can write the same storyline for every Heat-Bulls game with the protagonist being Noah.

    Haters gonna hate.

    • You motherfucking anonymous CUNT. You’d better not use your name for the fear that I’ll hunt you down and beat you with a fungo bat. Everything stated in this blog is 100% fair and accurate. Just look at that painted piece of poop Birdman. He’s out there trying to cause trouble at all times. Young, studious Tyler H is doing what the rest of the respectable Pacers do — work hard and play fair. This cunt Birdman, who is much like yourself, successfully muddied the game up, giving the cHeat a cheap wave of momentum. Absolutely disgusting. This is the NBA of today. These Miami CUNTS! know exactly how to manipulate the refs and the league’s feckless, heartless, and gutless front office. How does Nazi Muhammed get ejected and this tattooed twat Anderson doesn’t? That’s the question Davo The Blogger has posed and the one you have no fuckin answer for besides your cunty “haters gon hate” line (a phrase bandied about in Compton — one that doesn’t mean SHIT to educated and impartial observers like Davo Blogger). Answer Davo’s question, you lardass.

  2. Perhaps this only confirms the sad reality of the way the game is officiated today: flopping is rewarded, and failing to flop can cost your team.
    Tru lament, Davo Blogger. Any NBA fan should ask himself what happened to the not-so-long-ago era where refs simply ignored the flops from lousy cunts like Bron, Bosh, Wade, Anderson, Battier, Miller, and Chalmers. Why don’t they do that anymore? They’ve been instructed by the FO to avoid all judgment calls (even the correct ones like ignoring LeBron who is lying on the floor like a feeble bitch). What’s worse is that they often reward the goddamn flop because they are a mediocre batch of refs to begin with. Twenty years ago, everyone used to wait to see if the defender’s feet were set or if the offensive player got his head/shoulders past the defender. They don’t even bother asking that any longer. The charge/block situation is beyond the point of sloppy. There are no discernible CONSISTENT standards applied by the refs, which makes clown crews like LAC, Boston, and Miami all use that cheat to get the other team (in this case, a solid defensive team like Indy) suffer foul trouble.

    I apologize to the Indiana Pacers and their blue collar fans. This series, when it’s over, should cause every small market fan to finally realize that they cannot beat inherent superstar favoritism. Former Pacers coach Larry Brown used to say, “Play the right way”. Although he just said that because he didn’t know what the fuck else to say during huddles, the theory that playing the right way will get you anywhere is bogus.

    THIS IS WHAT WORKS IN TODAY’S NBA: Overhyped superstar colludes with 2 other twats to join a team (to which the NBA has to respond by enforcing stricter salary cap rules for everyone after the fact — the cHeat get an even freer pass during their predictable title run), overhyped superstar and teammates act as flopping cunts and get rewarded over and over again.

    That > playing the right way > playing honest defense > not flopping > building a team from scratch.

  3. Heat – colluded to join up, play flopping defense and are rewarded for it, glamour city
    Pacers – built through draft, play manly defense and are punished for it, small market franchise
    Heat win out. Unfair, biased NBA structure. I want to know where that moneylending POS Stern is with his “basketball reasons” and parity nonsense now… I just hope that at least some of the dopes who thought the league’s attorney was serious with those parity complaints now know that they were taken as fools, just like they were in 1999. All those twats wanted was a piece of the Busses’ TV contract and a percentage of BRI split back from the players. They all get more cash and the business as usual continues. Heat wind up winning 3 plus titles because there’s no one who is allowed to beat them by fair means.

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