Bulls/Knicks observations: alternate jerseys, Bulls fans & World Peace

Four quick observations from the Chicago Bulls’ 82-81 win over the New York Knicks last night (beyond the obvious – that Derrick Rose made a great play to win the game despite the rust he’s still clearly carrying):

1) This alternate jersey nonsense must stop.

Why are the Bulls playing their home opener in road jerseys? What are these hideous orange things the Knicks are wearing? They clash horribly with the red paint on the United Center floor, diminishing the viewing experience.


Most importantly, why is the NBA stomping all over a key aspect – the visuals of Bulls white versus Knicks blue – of a classic rivalry? Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing will be rolling over in their graves.


2) Bulls fans take their Halloween costumes very seriously.


Of note, next to the Knicks bench were three men dressed as Victorian women. Truly inspirational.


What must Taj Gibson have been thinking when he walked towards them to make an inbounds pass?


There was also this guy:


3) Bulls fans pull the best faces behind Marv and Steve.


4) Metta World Peace is still shooting terrible shots.

Laker fans are all too familiar with Metta’s curious shot selection. He was at it again last night, shooting a completely unnecessary 20-foot fadeaway off the dribble with 12 seconds on the shot clock (brick), a running out-of-control layup that never made it over rim, and this beauty: an off-balance 3-pointer that hit nothing but glass.

He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but we love him nonetheless.


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