DeAndre Jordan: free throw airball specialist

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has an extraordinary propensity to miss the basket entirely when shooting from 15 feet.

This week he airballed another free throw against the T-Wolves:

It was his second airball from the line in two weeks, having also failed to get the ball above the rim against the Warriors on October 31:

For a paid professional, this is perplexing. Moreover, these are happening during home games. He cannot blame these miscues on distractions caused by a hostile crowd.

Curiously, Jordan’s shooting form is by no means the worst in the NBA. But his percentages are out-of-this world bad.

So far this season he is shooting 17-for-45 from the line; this would be the fourth time in six seasons that he has shot below 39%. It is time to start asking ourselves where he ranks among the absolute worst foul shooters in NBA history (what up, Chris Dudley).

 Indeed, for all his struggles from 15 feet, did Dudley ever have a miss this bad


His worst airball to date however remains this beauty from the ‘09/10 season, which fell about three feet short and two feet left of the rim:

DeAndre’s airballs are not limited to the regular season or even the United States. Here he is grazing the front of the net in a preseason game in China:

Some deeper statistical perspective: ten times in NBA history a player has shot below 40% from the line on more than 125 attempts. Two of those times, it was DeAndre Jordan. He is one of just three players to do it twice (the others: Wilt Chamberlain and Ben Wallace). No one has done it three times. At 25, DeAndre is less than half way into his NBA career. He could make history. 

Even his makes are sometimes embarrassing. See this bank shot in Sacramento, complete with an endearingly enthusiastic double fist pump:

It is safe to say there will be more entertaining adventures at the line for DeAndre, especially with the Clips now a serious contender and intelligent opponents ready to use the Hack-a-Jordan late in close games.

As his career progresses, he may make a run at being by some statistical measures the worst foul shooter of all time.

For now though, he can take solace in this fact: he has yet to airball two consecutive free throws in an NBA game – which is more than we can say for Blake Griffin:


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