Rockets vs Knicks: J.R. Smith is a birdbrain (and other insights)

The New York Knicks nearly pulled off back-to-back road wins in Texas. J.R. Smith saw to it that they did not.

With the shot clock turned off and 21 seconds remaining in a tied game, Smith decided to do what he does best: jack up an ill-advised shot.


Of course, he missed.

The Rockets got the rebound and went on to win the game on Aaron Brooks’ free throws.

Open or not, that is not a good shot. It topped off another hideous shooting night for J.R., who was 3-for-13 from the field. He is shooting a mind-numbingly bad 34.7% on the season, by far the worst percentage of his ten-year career. Somehow he continues to play 33 minutes a game (the second highest average of his career).

Knicks fans reacted with their usual comedic disdain:

“Can someone take a bat to JR’s ankle or something?

“J.R. has the basketball IQ of a ball rack.”

“Literally the worst player in the NBA.”

“Why the HELL was he in the game? Dumbest team in the league by far, and may be dumbest in history.”

“This is the season from hell.”


Of course, this is not the first time in this baffling Knicks campaign that a player has ignored the clock and thrown up an asinine shot with the game on the line (take a bow, Andrea Bargnani). The foul by Beno Udrih that sent Brooks to the line, we should note, was barely any more intelligent.

They now fall to 10-22. If their record wasn’t so bad, this one could be chalked up as a moral victory of sorts. But sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic Division, there is no time for such thinking.

Other takeaways:

1) NBA refs are still trying to take all the emotion out of the game. Watch Carmelo Anthony receive a “taunting” technical for celebrating his own basket:


2) Jeremy Lin’s left hand is still useless. You know it’s bad when the hometown announcers are laughing at your shot attempts:

Clyde Drexler: “Ohh, left hand?! Oh, give me a break!”

3) Dwight Howard still has no post game. Watch the lefty hook go sailing over the rim as Amar’e Stoudemire defends him one-on-one:


For the record, the Rockets continue to cogently not build their offense around Dwight Howard. Howard had one field goal attempt in the final 12 minutes. I wonder if he waved the stat sheet around the locker room after the game (as he did in Chicago last year)? He is averaging 11 field goal attempts per game; the same number he put up last season in the Lakers offense that supposedly ignored him.


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