LeBron James, teammate for the ages, continues to do it all for the Heat

As if his averages of 27.0 points, 7.0 rebounds, 6.5 assists and 57.3% shooting were not enough, LeBron James is also fixing his teammates’ wardrobe malfunctions.

Watch closely here as he identifies and successfully removes a loose thread from Chris Bosh’s jersey during a break in the 4th quarter last night. You won’t see this on the NBA.com highlights:

Ever attentive to his comrades, LeBron continues to prove to be perhaps the greatest teammate of any of the all-time great scorers in NBA history.

Can you imagine MJ or Kobe even noticing that a teammate’s jersey had a loose thread hanging off it, let alone doing anything about it?

Give it up for the King, whose Coconut Grove, Miami mansion I recently visited:

The gentleman that he is, I suspect he may have invited me in for a drink of Gatorade had he been around at the time.

With the Heat making a run for the No. 1 seed, the Thunder somewhat sputtering and Kevin Durant making defensive plays like this, James has my vote for MVP as things stand.

Chris Bosh would agree.



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