The end of the road for the vexing ’13/14 Pacers


Mercifully, the Indiana Pacers’ season came to an end last night as the Miami Heat advanced to the NBA Finals for the fourth straight year.

The 2013/14 Pacers will go down as one of the most perplexing, frustrating and disappointing teams in NBA history: a team that began the regular season 33-7 and ended it losing 13 of 21 games; a No. 1 seed that nearly lost in the first round to a 38-44 team missing its best player and was finally blown out by 25 points in their final game of the season.

They became frankly unbearable over recent weeks and months. Let us celebrate them no longer being in our lives.

No more of their clogged toilet offense for us to endure. No more 11-point quarters.

No more Paul George whining about calls. No more Roy Hibbert whining about touches.

No more George Hill masquerading as a starting NBA point guard.

No more talk of a team that finished with the best record in the East being an “underdog” or overcoming “adversity.”

No more cringe-worthy renditions of “Seven Nation Army” at Pacers home games. How embarrassing that their crowd would attempt to rob their biggest rivals’ anthem:

No more of their silly t-shirts boasting “teamwork” and “smashmouth” basketball:


No more “blue collar, gold swagger” (what?).

No more gold alternate jerseys for every single home game (another low in the ongoing bastardization of NBA uniform uniformity).

No more Luis Scola paying more attention to the post-game meal options than to moving his feet on defense:


No more moronic post entry passes from asinine angles by the supposedly intelligent George:


(This one went sailing out of bounds.)

No more 0-for-6 first half shooting performances by their supposed superstar in a do-or-die game.

No more awkward sweeping Hibbert hook shots from ten feet:


No more zero-point Hibbert performances (he had four in the Pacers’ last 15 games).

No more of him setting “screens” where he fails to even make contact with the player he is screening:


No more pathetic elaborate George/Hibbert elaborate arm-locking celebrations after a basket when down 20:


No more of the vexing 2013/14 Pacers.

Mercifully, no more.


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