Who should win the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery?


The 2014 NBA Draft Lottery will be held tonight. This year’s draft class (featuring Andrew Wiggins, pictured above) is a particularly impressive one, so it is more important than ever that the lottery rewards the right teams. Here I rank the lottery teams in order, from most deserving to least deserving of winning the top pick.

The order is determined by Davometrics – a balanced consideration of each franchise’s fanbase, history, location, ownership, front office and existing talent.

I want to see the best young prospects in the world playing in the best possible basketball environment: in front of sold-out crowds of educated, passionate fans who will appreciate watching them develop; for owners who are financially committed to surrounding them with the necessary talent to win; and preferably in a large, desirable metropolis that offers superior living and marketing opportunities.

Bonus points for other reasons will be awarded to a team’s case wherever I see fit.

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NBA Eastern Conference preview: over/under predictions

The over/under betting lines for team win totals have been released for the 2013/14 season.  Which teams will win more games than Vegas predicts and which teams will win less? And how many will prove me right and ultimately win me some money? First up, let us tackle the Eastern Conference.

Atlanta Hawks: 39.5 wins; UNDER.
The Hawks won 44 games last year and have since lost their leading scorer and best defender (Josh Smith). Paul Millsap is a good pickup on a very good contract, but when he and Jeff Teague are your second and third best players and DeMarre Carroll is in your starting lineup, you’re not winning 40 games – which is fine by me, because any 6th-seeded team that finishes 26th in attendance deserves to never make the playoffs again (see below). Give a fanbase that actually cares a chance.

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