Doc Rivers on the edge: 30 of the best sweaty and stressed Doc faces

Doc Rivers

Since taking the Los Angeles Clippers head coaching job, Doc Rivers has appeared to be constantly on edge.

There are few more common League Pass sights than that of Doc’s shiny, angry, stressed-out face as he screams at officials or barks out instructions to a team that has disappointed in clutch moments more often than not. Indeed, he may well be the sweatiest, angriest head coach in the league.

He is TV gold, a bundle of mostly negative emotion that the cameras cut to at every opportunity – always ripe for a screenshot. At times it looks as if his eyes are ready to pop out of his head. At others he merely looks ready to break down and cry. I worry for his mental state.

“I don’t complain much,” Doc noted after the Clips lost Game 5 of their first round series with San Antonio on Tuesday – apparently with no hint of sarcasm.

Of course, he is in fact one of the biggest serial complainers in the league. It is the team-wide culture of whining and ref-baiting that makes the Clippers the technical foul league-leaders and one of the most detestable squads in the league for many neutrals.

With his team on the brink of elimination tonight in San Antonio, what better time than now to enjoy 30 of the best sweaty-and-stressed Doc screenshots?

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CP3’s D: How good is Chris Paul defensively?

Paul defense

Chris Paul, the greatest floor general in the league on offense, has been named to the All-Defensive first or second team six of the last seven years. Is he that good on that end of the ball?

As the years have gone on I have learned to take All-Defense votes with a considerable pinch of salt. The average media member with a vote is simply not informed enough to make a judgement, and players tend to get in based on reputations – some well-earned, some completely undeserved.

In Paul’s case, it is somewhat deserved.

His relative lack of height and explosive athletic ability limit his effectiveness, but for his size he is a generally good, feisty one-on-one defender when focused. Doc Rivers is able to trust to him in guarding opposing point guards one-on-one and even shift him on to shooting guards when the Clippers go small. He is an intelligent player with great anticipation and a generally clear awareness of his own positioning on the floor, making him an excellent off-ball defender.

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