What on earth are the Sacramento Kings doing?

Mike Malone

The Sacramento Kings last night fired head coach Mike Malone after going 11-13 to start the season, citing underachievement. This is one of the stranger front office decisions in recent NBA history.

The Kings sit just one win out of the playoffs in the brutal West and are on course to win ten more games than they did last season. They are 15th in the league in offensive efficiency and 18th in the league in defensive efficiency despite possessing a deeply-flawed roster that I would rank among the bottom ten in the NBA on both ends. And all this with franchise player DeMarcus Cousins having missed the last nine games.

Prior to Boogie going down with viral meningitis on November 28, they were 9-6 for the season. They were developing an identity. They appeared to have good chemistry. They appeared to be going somewhere. They were overachieving.

They have gone 2-7 since then, but are the decision makers in the Kings front office even aware that Boogie has been out? Do they grasp that their starting lineup currently features Darren Collison and Ryan Hollins? How could they truly believe Malone was underachieving?

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