Kevin Durant’s hair: KD’s mini-fro is a winner despite the bald spot

As seen up close and in person at the NBA Global Games, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant has decided (at least for now) to grow out his hair to a length not seen since he collected his Rookie of the Year trophy in May 2008.


The new look more readily exposes his balding crown area, where his hair has been thin beyond his years ever since he came into the league.


I support his decision in spite of the balding.

His hairline is still intact unlike LeBron’s, so the ‘do looks fine from the front. And most importantly, his head shape is much better suited to longer hair. His usual cut exposes the dip on the top of his head, a few inches back from the forehead. These side angle shots show it well:


Of course, I am not the only observer to notice Durant’s unusual head shape; computer game developers have done too, though they may be overstating it a little:


With the mini-fro, the unusual head shape is covered up and therefore no longer an issue.


Moreover, with regards the bald spot, perhaps KD is past caring how he looks and who ridicules him. As Mrs Davo suggests, “he probably feels more comfortable in his own skin after getting engaged” – he’ll grow a fro if he wants, bald spot be damned!

Perhaps this is his longer-term version of LeBron’s already-legendary Headband Game: I don’t care what you say about my hair, all I care about is leading my team and being one bad motherf*cker in the process.

As of now, there is no telling how long the Durant mini-fro will remain intact. Of course, LeBron was back to wearing (and constantly re-adjusting) his headband for Game 7 of the Finals. And for all we know, Durant could be getting a buzz cut right now. But KD has proven he has it in him to reach new hair heights, to overcome his unfortunate head shape, and to not be afraid of displaying his thinning crown. Long may it continue.


7 thoughts on “Kevin Durant’s hair: KD’s mini-fro is a winner despite the bald spot

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  2. Lol,…was googling around after the L.A.C. – S.A. series due to Chris Paul’s balding cover up issues and stumbled upon this. Oh gawd you’re killing me….

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